Reasons in Favor of Universal Basic Income

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Open Movement International

Benefits of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

  • gives free personal time (e.g. promotes the arts & music)
  • promotes optimal education (not forced education)
  • eliminates the ongoing culture of debt, no need to take out a loan to make a living at the beginning of your adult life
  • crime would obviously go down with a generous UBI (poverty is a prime catalyst of crime)
  • universal basic income is a liberating factor for women in abusive relationships[1]
  • eliminates the instability period when Ai really starts taking a lot of jobs - UBI is the clear solution
  • people become activists - promotes activism & volunteering
  • gives people time to be with their family
  • promotes self development & self discovery
  • provides an environment for entrepreneurial endeavors for citizens of any type
  • small business numbers would rise
  • a solution for homelessness
  • a solution for world hunger
  • life quality would raise for those who previously had no income source
  • workers have more economic security, this forces employers to provide quality work conditions to retain employees[2]
  • internet growth & enrichment would likely be a result
  • probable that the collective would research a lot more
  • there would be more political focus
  • there would be more focus on keeping government in line
  • people would have accomplishments of life work instead of nothing to show for their hard work
  • UBI ends age old forms of monetary enslavement

"What will cease with Basic Income, is the compulsion, the military-like organisation of work, where the
first thing required is obedience and subordination -- starting as a 15, 18 year old -- for fourty years,
without a break; under the permanent threat of misery if they do not comply. The major part of people in
the Western world have to live like that. You are lucky if you don’t."[3] ~Gudrun Heininger

Artificial Intelligence Automation of Jobs

  • end game Ai has the capability to do almost any job
  • a release of black project technology in the field of artificial intelligence could eliminate the instability period when Ai really starts to take over the job market
  • Universal Basic Income is the clear solution to an Ai automated job market

Prevention of Government Exploitation of Basic Income

  • Government ability to exploit citizens and/or censor information with threat of UBI loss needs to be addressed or it will happen
  • Human rights and free speech are optimal circumstances of universal basic income; government should not be able to dictate what an individual does with their money (within the law)

Open Movement in Conjunction with Universal Basic Income

Open Movement International
  • the open movement works hand in hand with universal basic income as keys for optimal society
  • without the open movement universal basic income could further imbalance the gap between higher class and everyone else, with corporations who develop Ai being dominant. UBI with the open movement (such as open science & open hardware) would decentralize the corporate Ai oligarchy.


  1. this text was intellectual property thieved from myself