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Open Movement International

Open Movement Wiki

  • Open Government (under construction)
  • Open Education
  • Open Science
  • Open Data -> Open History
  • Open Design
  • Open Source
  • Open Hardware
  • Open Architecture
  • Creative Commons

Articles Coming Soon

Articles Under Construction:

A Case to Release Black Project Science into the Public Domain
Reasons in Favor of Universal Basic Income


States Act by Elizabeth Warren & Cory Gardner
Appeal for the International Community to Ban Nuclear Power & Weapons
Self-Development Tips: Advice for Self Improvement
A Concise Guide to Ethical Branding & NLP

Tenets of the Open Movement

  • Transparency (e.g. in government, in software)
  • Open Access (e.g. information)
  • Decentralization (e.g. public proprietary knowledge instead of corporate)
  • Free Education (open access to knowledge instead of a culture of debt)
  • Equal Access (e.g. medicine)
  • Freely Available Media (e.g. content resources for creators)

The open movements are models for optimal society.

We Also Support

  • Net Neutrality
  • Universal Basic Income (UBI)
  • Small Businesses
  • Software Development
  • Expansion & Development of the Internet
  • Progression of Science and Technology
  • Legalization of Hemp & Cannabis

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